Welcome to the Centerville
Civic Association

The Centerville Civic Association is interested in any issues concerning the Village of Centerville and its residents. The Association is also a sponsor and supporter of various civic, educational, charitable and recreational activities and events that benefit community life in our Village.

About Us

Welcome to the Centerville Civic Association!


The Centerville Civic Association (CCA) is a non-profit, non-partisan, inclusive organization whose purpose is to provide a proactive voice for residents of the Village of Centerville to our elected representatives, the business community, and other civic groups. The CCA is a collective forum to discuss and develop consensus on issues affecting the quality of life in our community. Additionally, the CCA shall sponsor and participate in such community events as it deems beneficial to the Village of Centerville.


Our mission is to develop, improve and expand the civic, educational, charitable and recreational opportunities, facilities and programs of the residents of the Town of Barnstable, with a particular emphasis on meeting the needs of the residents of the Village of Centerville.

Activities and Events

The CCA conducts monthly meetings open to the public at which matter of general interest to the Village of Centerville and the Town of Barnstable are discussed, often with the participation of Town representatives and elected officials. Additionally, the CCA is an active sponsor of various year-round activities and events for the enjoyment and entertainment of our residents and businesses in an effort to foster and promote a sense of community spirit. Such annual activities and events include:

2023 Board of Directors


Robert J. Wenger, President
Bob Schulte, First Vice-President
Doug Warren, Second Vice-President
Gary Brown, Treasurer
Deborah Growitz, Social Media & Public Relations
Aaron Webb, Immediate Past President
David Sauro, Past President
Jeanne Remmers, Families in Need
Claire Fitzgerald, Seniors in Need


Matt Clark
John Dorris
Whitney Farnham
Steve Luciani
Karen McDonald
Guy Morse
Brett Tendler
Tim Tudor
Chuck Tuttle



The CCA has a long and storied history in the Town of Barnstable. The CCA was founded and held its first meeting 70 years ago on January 17, 1953. The cover page of the original Articles of Incorporation is shown HERE. Some of our long-time members will recognize many of the names of the founders. An interesting historical note included at the bottom of the document was that at the time the CCA was founded, there were no street numbers in the Village of Centerville – my, have times changed!

At the time of its founding, the purpose of the CCA was the advancement of civic development, community spirit and community activities in the Village of Centerville, in the Town of Barnstable; but these purposes shall not include the right to apply for a license to sell alcoholic beverages.

In 2007, the CCA’s Articles of Incorporation were replaced to make it a non-profit organization and the legal name was changed to the Civic Association of Centerville, Inc. The purpose and mission statements for the CCA were changed to what you see above.